Money-saving tips for eyeglasses

I was diagnosed with myopia when I was in high school. Since then, my relationship with eyeglasses has been a complicated one. Using them for a few months and then avoiding them and hiding them in a drawer. Recently; however, I realized that I do need to wear them. I could no longer read the street signs from the car, unless I was right in front of them, or be able to tell who was […]


Pamper your skin while giving back

Over the past several years there has been a movement toward creating products with a do-good mission behind them and this is just wonderful. It gives us consumers the option to buy and try good-quality products while giving back. SoapBox Soaps is one of the pioneers of this movement. It is one of those brands whose mission and actions speak louder than words. For every […]


Neutrogena invites us to #SeeWhatsPossible

We are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, entrepreneurs, hard-working women, but at the heart of all of this is that little girl inside of us, the one that had and still has big dreams and aspirations for herself, the one that believes that anything is possible. The new Neutrogena campaign called #SeeWhatsPossible is all about this […]


Wise words from women who rock at #WeAllGrow Summit

#WeAllGrow Summit Photos by Robson Muzel #WeAllGrow Summit is one of those conferences where you feel welcomed from the moment you arrive. It’s a truly positive and enriching environment. This was my second year attending, so being that I was no longer a #WeAllGrow virgin I came with a different mindset, knowing what to expect. […]


Recipe Video: Heart-shaped Chocolate-covered Strawberries

We typically don’t do big Valentine’s Day celebrations at home. No fancy dinner our outing. It’s usually just a little detail here and there and the girls do, of course, make their little cards and treat bags for their classmates and teachers. We keep it simple. That’s why I love easy recipes like this one […]